Special Quotes from the Book – Part II

Published March 16, 2017

There have been times in my life when my lust of the flesh has distracted me from my quest for spiritual health. Such a distraction constituted not merely misdirection in my walk, but also a “convenient” redefinition of what I considered to be truth. I had to make my truth fit that which I had committed myself to doing in order for me to dismiss a vexatious conscience that was informing me otherwise.

Fear’s departure marks faith’s arrival.

Left to our own devices, our eyesight is limited, our vision is compromised, and our foresight is contaminated.

Righteousness is not seen through the eyes of the mind as much as it is discerned through the lens of the heart. The ultimate step up from terrestrial logic is celestial faith.

Never rob truth of the fruit of its teachable moments.