Special Quotes from the Book – Part I

Published March 13, 2017

Each and every one of us has been placed here on this earth in our own time to do something that no one who has ever lived before has done or that anyone who will ever live after us will do.

Service is the highest form of human existence. And service, the service to which I am referring requires unconditional love.

Time exacts a price. It’s called Life.

This living and breathing phenomenon called “life” moving within this ever-advancing entity called “time” provides for us all a profound introduction to an inevitable yet electable eternity.

Ingratitude is a terrestrial behavior that violates a celestial principle.

Never stop loving. It’s always the right thing to do.

The greatest challenge most of us will ever face is choice—our choice. Let your choice not ever be your undoing. Seek to be true to truth itself.

Faith has an address. It is the place where God does best bless you.

The Lord gives us just enough grace in the balance of the day that we need—no more, no less. He Himself manages the amount of grace in our lives, for He knows that grace is too precious of a gift to be squandered away or mismanaged like we do with everything else He gives us. Therefore our days are long, but our time is short.